Client Feedback

"Massively impressed & encouraged following my assessment today, Thank you VERY much”.     Mark Rogers. January 2022

"Rachel motivates my Dad to respark his long held determination because she treats my Dad with respect for his life story and the person he is inside. Despite his speech and stroke difficulties he responds with humour and he does the exercises which are hard but fun. Believe me you can't get that with a worksheet. 

Dr D Cooper"

" Rehabilitation is not an easy process. It needs sustained, guided work to have an effect. To have a Chartered Neuro Physiotherapist available so near to home has been a major part in my hard won improvements. A severe brain haemorrhage left me with the loss of use of my left side limbs and low expectations regarding my future standard of life. With guided physiotherapy from Neuro Physio Wales aided by their specialist equipment I have made strides that now give me an improved quality of life. My Physio Janet guides my improvement goals, checks my progress and advises me of the appropriate next stages. With the Neuro Physio Wales help and guidance I will get back what with hard work , my body will allow. I gratefully thank them for this. "

Nick Ireland, August 2019.

" The services of Neuro Physio Wales and the excellence of the treatment regime there were recommended to us when Anita returned home after spending eleven months in various hospitals in South Wales and the West of England.
Accordingly, Anita has been attending the Kenfig Hill clinic on a weekly basis and has made a significant recovery as a result. In particular, the attention Anita receives from Janet, the physiotherapist and Carys, the Clinic Manager, is first class. Their professionalism is of the highest order, their friendly approach is exceptional and their psychological encouragement is absolutely fundamental to Anita's recovery."
Edward Jones, August 2019
"I remember my first experience on the treadmill whilst supported on the hoist.  I felt safe and able to move freely without danger of falling.  Since then I have tried out lots of the equipment as part of my recovery from CIDP. I had worked with Rhian for almost two years, initially at the clinic and then at home.   She has been brilliant, building my muscle development and self-confidence in equal measure.  The sessions are stretching and sometimes leave you exhausted, but the improvement is a joy to behold.  Last week I sold my tri-walker and now use a stick walking outside and nothing at home.  I have no hesitation in commending Neuro Physio Wales to anyone.  The website gives an insight into the facilities and staff. Both first class.
David Orford - CIDP patient who is getting better "
David Orford, May 2019

"What a haven for positivity!!! Sara and Josie have worked with my sister who suffered an anoxic brain injury 3 years ago for 2 weeks. Today, she walked 6 metres with a zimmer frame - the first time since her ABI. I can see the light of hope in my mother's eyes for the first time since Lu woke from her coma. Thank you Neuro Physio Wales - you have restored my faith."

Claire Perkins, April 2018

"Very friendly helpful caring practice where patients truly come first, the treatment and support I have received from Neuro Physio Wales has hugely improved my quality of life and continues to maintain the movement I have regained after brain injury several years ago helping me to live my life as independently as possible as a young person indepdency is of paramount importance to me with the help of Sara and her team I am not only largely independent again but back in employment enjoying life I can't thank neuro Physio Wales enough for all the help they have given me. On the long rehab road"

Jady March 2018

“So when I was first seeing Sara I was in a wheelchair and only one of my arms worked. I felt like crying, I wanted to get better but couldn’t see how. Then Sara came to my house and started telling me to do strange small exercises. I couldn’t see the point but I did what I was told. Within a few weeks I could see the difference that these exercises were making and I became a bit more positive about doing them.

Then after a few months she said “Now stand up and…..” which was very difficult to start with. My sense of balance was all wrong, it was too difficult. A couple of years later, after standing and walking exercises, I moved my wheelchair out of the house. It has gone now, I can stand and walk *some*. And every week I can walk a little further. And the last few times I have seen Sara she had me walking without my walking stick. Which is very difficult but one of my ultimate wishes”

Neil The Hippy October 2016 

“Hi Sara and Rhian,

Thank you both so much for coming to the pool yesterday and spending so long working so thoroughly with Ali. He responded so well!!!

Thanks again you wonderful pair! The improvements in Alistair’s posture and comfort are absolutely wonderful.

Thank you so so much.”

Email from Suzi McIntyre, Mother.

“Following a stroke in 2012 and a recent hip replacement, I contacted Neuro Physio Wales as the physiotherapy I was receiving at the time did not seem to be effective and I was experiencing a lot of pain, particularly in my hip and lower back.

 I had a professional and friendly consultation with Janet in my own home, where Janet identified that certain exercises I had been given after my hip operation were actually the cause of my pain as the muscle weakness caused by the stroke made them unsuitable.

 The pain eased almost immediately and over the weeks and months Janet has established and built upon an exercise regime which is much more suitable for my needs. I have noticed improvements in my balance, strengthening of my muscles and I am more confident in my overall mobility. The sessions continue to be enjoyable and beneficial and have been a definite turning point in my rehabilitation.”

 Martin Burke, November 2015 

 “After a period of immobility due to being bed bound at a local hospital for 5 weeks and not receiving any physiotherapy, I was unable to walk.

 I have now received 8 weeks of specialist physiotherapy, which has resulted in return of my confidence, improved balance and taking my first stages in walking.

 This has been the result of receiving specialist physiotherapy from Neuro Physio Wales. I have no hesitation in recommending this highly professional service.”

Graham Davis

“As a case manager, I am looking for a physiotherapist with sound clinical skills, who can work as part of a team, with an overview of the case management / litigation process.  Sara has provided physiotherapy intervention to a number of my clients and has demonstrated her abilities in all of these areas.  Sara is an excellent neuro physiotherapist.  She has a warm and engaging nature and a through, well-thought out approach.   She has a good knowledge of relevant equipment and orthoses.  I have no hesitation in recommending Sara’s services.”

Denyse Procter Dip COT

Case Manager for Westcountry Case Management Ltd

Specialist in Acquired Brain Injury

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