Parkinsons Awareness Month 2020: why access to Neurophysio advice during lockdown is important

While much of the UK is on lockdown, leading South Wales Neurological Physiotherapist Sara Davis, Clinic Director for NeuroPhysio Wales, is keen to express her support for this year’s Parkinson’s awareness campaign and stresses the importance of access to physiotherapy advice for newly diagnosed patients with Parkinson’s Disease.

Sara explains:

“Accessing to the right treatment for patients with Parkinson’s Disease early on is really important, and neurological physiotherapy plays a huge role in that.

“My concern during this essential lock down is that patients will have delayed access to treatment.  Our work especially early on in the disease can help slow deterioration and help patients with their balance and co-ordination.    

“Therefore, raising awareness using digital campaigns is more important than ever.”

The Parkinsons Foundation have produced this helpful calendar of ways you can help raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease –

Patients can also access their recommendations and advice during lockdown here: 

Of course, these general recommendations are no substitute for one on one advice.

While we are unable to conduct face-to-face physiotherapy sessions during lockdown, we will be resuming appointments as soon as we are able. 

In the meantime, our advice to patients with Parkinsons Disease is to do gentle daily exercise until they are able to come to clinic again, or to telephone us on 01656 858865, no matter where you are based, if you need personalised advice and recommendations.