Neurophysio Wales to launch exercise classes for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

NeuroPhysio Wales is set to launch a series of regular exercise classes for Parkinson’s Disease patients, based on the success of a workshop we ran earlier this year. 

While the purpose of the workshop was to train physiotherapists in new exercise techniques for Parkinson’s Disease, patients have reported many benefits from attending, with many asking about a regular program.

The centre is therefore seeking to gauge interest from Parkinson’s disease patients, and will arrange exercise classes in various locations across South Wales depending on local demand.

Parkinson’s disease is a neurological disorder caused by a lack of dopamine.  The cause of the disease is unknown at present, but researchers think it could be due to a combination of environmental and genetic factors, causing the dopamine producing cells to start to die. 

Individual symptoms can vary, but the most common ones are tremors and shaking at rest, slowness of movement and muscle rigidity, with increasing disability for sufferers.

While traditionally the diagnosis has been devastating for sufferers and their families, neurophysiotherapy is giving sufferers hope, with the latest research finding that high intensity exercise can help slow the progression of the disease.  However, the type of exercise needs to be very specific, so it can generate new pathways in the brain.  The technical term for this is neuroplasticity, and in recent years this has seen growing interest from specialists in the management of the disease.  

Class participants would need to undergo an initial neurophysiotherapy assessment at NeuroPhysio Wales and would receive ongoing assessment and support, however initially the centre are keen to gauge interest from people with the disease who would be interested in attending a regular exercise class.  

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