NeuroPhysio Wales sees clients thriving thanks to Telemedicine Treatment

Neurophysio Wales Clinic Director, Sara Davis, says she has been pleasantly surprised by the progress clients have continued to make since lockdown thanks to the clinic’s use of telemedicine.

With referrals continuing to come from insurers and health agencies throughout lockdown, as well as continuing to see existing clients, Sara says she has found remote technology such as Skype and Zoom vital to keep current patients well and to assess and treat new clients.

Sara says:

“Initially I wondered how I would conduct neurophysio assessments remotely, but as I didn’t want my clients, many of whom are neuro-compromised, to lose progress or struggle unnecessarily, I thought it was definitely worth a try and was better than watching my clients lose the valuable progress they had made (after all, to them ‘progress’ often means regaining essential life skills).

“Having now been treating patients this way for a number of months, I am pleased to say NeuroPhysio Wales has taken on new clients, seen existing and new clients make progress and our assessment process seems to work just as well remotely, which is excellent news. Of course, some of the credit has to go to our patients who have taken the new process in their stride and kept up the exercises we have taught them at home.”

The team has also expanded during lockdown, with Anita Stack, a very experienced paediatric physiotherapist joining the team.

Sara says:

“It’s wonderful to have Anita’s extensive experience with both adults and children on board, she really will add value to our practice.

“There is talk that the lockdown rules will be relaxed in Wales soon, we obviously look forward to this because it gives access to our specialist facilities – but the good news is, we won’t be starting from square one, our patients will still be where they should be.

“I’m proud of our team, proud of our patients and thankful that modern technology has kept NeuroPhysio Wales moving forwards in a challenging time.”