Neurological Physiotherapy

"What is Neurological Physiotherapy?"

Neurological Physiotherapy is a specialised discipline.

Neuro Physiotherapists have undergone post graduate training specific to treatment and management of patients with neurological damage through disease or injury to the brain and spinal cord.  Neuro physiotherapists are also trained to analyse normal movement of the body, and so are able to identify, manage and treat abnormal movement.

"I've been struggling with my illness or injury of years - can neurological physiotherapy help me?"

We can help people whether they have been recently diagnosed or have been living with a neurological condition or injury for some time.

Neurological damage can occur through a number of conditions, such as Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Brain Injury, Spinal Injury, and Multiple Sclerosis (see below for a list of common conditions).

These conditions can manifest themselves as muscle weakness, loss of sensation, balance problems, loss of function, muscle spasms and tremors.

We pride ourselves on being 'hands on' therapists with many of our physiotherapists completing advanced Bobath training. Our therapists are able to develop tailored exercise programmes that can incorporate the latest evidence-based assistive technology.

"How do I see a Neurological Physiotherapist? Can I book a home physiotherapy visit?"

We offer Neurological Physiotherapy at our specialist clinic in Bridgend, however our therapists are also community based and can therefore offer Neurophysiotherapy home visits.


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