Laura Leslie

Laura is a highly specialised Neuro Bobath-trained physiotherapist with expertise in both paediatric and adult care. She earned her MSc in physiotherapy in 2009 and has since accumulated a diverse range of experiences, including working in the NHS, private settings, and with high-level rugby teams in both the North East of England and South Wales. 

Over the past four years, Laura has concentrated primarily on paediatric care, working in special needs schools and within communities. She employs a comprehensive approach that encompasses various techniques such as specialised Bobath handling, sensory integration, strengthening exercises, rebound therapy, and hydrotherapy. Laura's clientele includes children with a wide spectrum of complex neurological disorders, and she actively collaborates with parents, teachers, caregivers, and educational professionals to provide comprehensive care. 

Laura's expertise in paediatric physiotherapy encompasses a wide range of conditions, from complex needs to developmental delays and learning disabilities. Her comprehensive approach to care ensures that she addresses not only the child's specific condition but also its broader impact on their family and quality of life. 

Children with neuromuscular disorders, such as cerebral palsy, benefit from Laura's specialised interventions, which may include Bobath handling techniques, sensory integration strategies, and strengthening exercises tailored to their individual needs. Similarly, her experience in working with children with acquired brain injuries and spinal injuries allows her to provide targeted rehabilitation to promote recovery and functional independence. 

In addition to these conditions, Laura is adept at supporting children with autism spectrum disorder, understanding their unique sensory profiles and communication styles to develop effective treatment plans. She also addresses developmental issues like toe walking and torticollis, utilising evidence-based interventions to improve mobility and posture. 

Laura's work with children and young adults with learning disabilities, including profound learning disabilities, underscores her commitment to providing inclusive and personalised care. By collaborating closely with families, educators, and other healthcare professionals, she ensures that her interventions align with the child's individual goals and support their overall well-being. 

Overall, Laura's holistic approach to paediatric physiotherapy enables her to address a diverse range of conditions while prioritising the child's functional abilities, independence, and quality of life. Her expertise and dedication make her a valuable resource for families seeking comprehensive care for their children with complex needs and developmental challenges.