How we Work

Anyone can refer themselves to us. When you contact us, you will have an initial consultation over the phone. We can organise an assessment in an environment that suits you, either at our clinic, in your home or in the community. Your physiotherapist will discuss and set goals with you for your tailored treatment plan followed by regular reviews.

Make Contact

It starts with a phone call or email to our office.

Sarah is our clinic manager who will be able to discuss your needs, decide if you need a home visit or can come to the clinic, outline our fees and find you a suitable physiotherapist who will be able to assist.

If you wish to book an appointment, Sarah will send you our consent forms, terms and conditions and an Initial Patient Details form for you to fill in prior to your first assessment.

First Assessment

You’re in Safe Hands

The first assessment can take around 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Your physiotherapist will ask you questions about your condition and how it affects you in your daily life.

It may be useful to bring a list of any other medical problems you experience with a list of the medication you are currently taking.

They will discuss what your priorities are and what goals you want to achieve.

The physiotherapist will then assess your movements and function and outline a potential course for treatment to help achieve these goals.

Family members and carers are more than welcome to join and support you.

As part of the assessment and plan, the physiotherapist may suggest making contact with other members of your medical team in order to provide the most effective service and treatment plan. This will always be done with your full knowledge and consent. These phone calls or reports are included in the assessment charges.

Ongoing Treatment

Be prepared to be Challenged, Motivated and to Work Hard!!

You and your physiotherapist will discuss how often you need to be seen.

Each treatment programme will be individually specific to your needs in order to help you achieve your goal and reach your optimal physical function.

Your progress will be constantly reviewed by you and your physiotherapist, and your treatment modified as needed.



Card payments can be made in the clinic at the time of the session. Unfortunately, we are unable to take card payments when visiting homes, but you are able to make card payments over the phone.

If you prefer, we can invoice you at the end of each month, to be paid by direct bank transfer or by cheque.

Consent and Confidentiality

We take confidentiality very seriously here at Neuro Physio Wales and never share any personal information within or outside the clinic without your consent.

Your physiotherapist may discuss with you specific situations where it may be beneficial for your physiotherapist to make contact with other members of your health team or professionals.

This will always be discussed with you and your consent obtained prior to any contacts.


How soon can I be seen?

Once you have been allocated a physiotherapist, we will try to make your appointment within a week.


I am still in hospital, waiting to be discharged. Can you start to see me in hospital?

We are all very aware of the pressures our NHS colleagues are having at the moment to provide the excellent care we are all aiming for. Unfortunately, to date, it has not been possible for private practitioners, such as ourselves at Neuro Physio Wales, to be able to provide treatment for people still in an NHS hospital.

If your discharge is very delayed, it may be possible to ask for written permission from the Ward Manager asking if private physiotherapy can be provided during your hospital stay.


I am having NHS physiotherapy at the moment, can I still have private physiotherapy as well?

Absolutely YES!!! There is no reason why we and your NHS physiotherapist can’t both work together to give you the best treatment possible. The Chartered Society of Physiotherapists is the organisation who sets the standards that all UK physiotherapists follow, and they completely support NHS and independent practitioners working together. It will be necessary to make contact with your NHS physiotherapist so we can make sure your rehabilitation is seamless and co-ordinated.

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