How Neuro Physio care home visits can deliver improved stroke outcomes

At Neuro Physio Wales we believe in working closely with care homes and we offer care-home visits to both individuals and client groups.

Often elderly stroke patients are discharged to private care homes after treatment for a stroke and for some, their treatment ends there.  These residents require extensive full time care which is expensive and challenging to provide.

While NHS treatments may continue as an outpatient when a patient is living in a care home, at Neuro Physio Wales, we strive to work closely with care homes because community neuro physiotherapy can deliver key benefits for both care homes and the residents who live in them.

Carers may be unaware that, after discharge from hospital, additional rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment is possible – and often, such treatment will see the patient continue to recover mobility and function, requiring less intensive care and enjoying a more active life.

Our Clinical Director, Sara Davis, explains:

“Care homes should be a centre of expertise for managing elderly care.  Many of the residents will, by nature of the facility, have suffered stroke or have some other neurological disorder and there are benefits for both the care home and of course the resident in recovering as much function and ability as possible – the more ability a patient has, the easier they will be to care for and the better their quality of life.

“When we work directly with care homes, we are able to deliver weekly exercise classes for residents.  Residents enjoy the break from the routine that the class gives them,and we’ve seen improvement in residents general mobility and stamina.

“We are also able to work with residents on a one-to-one basis within the care home, something resident’s family members are often happy to pay for. 

Neuro Physio Wales has advanced Bobath trained therapists who specialise in the treatment of stroke rehabilitation.  Sara explains that modern technology is also able to help:

“At Neuro Physio Wales we are able to offer the latest in upper and lower limb rehabilitation technology, such as SAEBO.  There have been huge advances in technology over recent years, and even years after a stroke, with the right exercises and access to technology, we are starting to see clients recover lost function.

“I believe every care home resident deserves the chance to recover to their optimum potential, and closer collaboration between care homes and private neurophysiotherapists is a vital step towards achieving this.” 

Care homes can read about the services Neuro Physio Wales is able to offer here: