Eleri D’Arcy
Occupational Therapist

I qualified from Southampton University as an Occupational Therapist in 2004 and have over 17 years of varied clinical experience.  I am passionate about promoting independence and enabling people to live the best life possible.  As we get older many things can affect the way we’re able to participate in day-to-day life, especially if experiencing memory difficulties.  For the person experiencing these changes it can be a frightening time and understandably behaviours change when we’re under stress.  Truly understanding what is happening and being able to adjust routines and interactions so that everyone feels safe and empowered is often helpful.

As an occupational therapist I believe that doing the things that matter to you is the best way to maintain a happy and fulfilled life and getting the ‘just right challenge’ in our everyday activities promotes the feelings of pride, accomplishment, and control that we all need as human beings.  I offer advice and practical solutions to keep safe whilst ensuring you are fulfilled and happy.  I can support with decision making and offer reassurance and advice in an often confusing and complex situation.  

As well as working with people experiencing memory difficulties, I am able to offer rehabilitation for people who are struggling for other reasons, whether that be physical or mental health challenges.  I use a sensory and neuro-occupation approach in a lot of my work to enable people to do what is important to them and addressing difficulties in completing every day tasks helps to promote your independence.  I have a lot of experience working in frailty, falls, home environmental adaptations and anxiety management.  I am motivated to work with people on the things they are motivated to achieve and believe together, your goals can be achieved.