Balance Problems

A fall is an event resulting in a person coming to rest unintentionally on the ground or other lower level, such as a chair or sofa. A fall can also occur from a chair onto the floor. Fear of falling can be as disabling as an actual fall.

There are many risk factors leading to a fall, for example, lack of physical activity, poor balance, diseases such as Parkinsons or stroke, and environmental factors.

Risk of fall increases with age, however a Falls Prevention physiotherapy programme can help reduce the risk.

A falls prevention physiotherapy assessment will look at muscle strength, balance and gait pattern.

It could include:

  • advice on footwear
  • walking aids
  • measure fear of falling.

A physiotherapy exercise programme will include strength and balance training, with a home exercise programme, and could also include practise getting up from the floor. 

Clients can opt for a home visiting physiotherapy session across South Wales or come in to our specialist physiotherapy clinic in Kenfig Hill, Bridgend.

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